Today’s dating scene can be a total nightmare.  What better way to ease the burdens of finding that special someone than with your own wingman/wingwoman by your side! is the ideal place to find a wingman or woman to help break the ice when you are out on the dating prow!

The Friends on are here because they are great in social situations, just what you need if you are going out to meet someone, but are a bit shy or uncomfortable.  A wingman is great as a sidekick when you are out at a bar. People are more comfortable talking with a group rather than one person. has a bevy of wingmen and wingwomen to help you find that person who can set you up perfectly for the dating scene.

What is the job of a wingman? (or wingwoman if the wingman is a female). The point of having a wingman is to help set you up. The wingman’s job is to make sure you seem interesting, attractive, and more importantly so you stand out. The goal of the wingman is to talk you up to people you might be interested in dating. A wingman can make you look important and help get people to notice you more. The wingman’s job is also to help you find a date.

We all know that when a guy is getting the attention of a pretty girl, other girls become curious. They often think…why is this pretty girl hanging out with this guy? What does he have that makes him interesting? Attention is the most important aspect when it comes to breaking the ice and meeting new people and a professional wingman can help you stand out and get noticed.

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