Where can I rent a boyfriend?

Do you have a special event coming up and need a boyfriend, don’t want to go alone then try rentafriend.com. Where you can find a friend that will be perfect for you to take along as a boyfriend, in a non sexual manner. You can look through the websites pictures and profile information of each friend to help you choose. Perhaps you have a wedding, school reunion, business event, social function, the prom, a party, or any other kind of important event you might be attending.

Rentafriend.com is used around the world so simply just go to the website and use the search options to find the friend you are looking for. After picking your friend to use as a boyfriend; talk to your friend, tell them what you need them to wear, a dress code, you could also tell them what you would like them to say at the event you plan to go to. So instead of worrying about who you will take and how they will act at your important social event coming up, try rentafriend.com and pick a friend that will be perfect for you to take as a boyfriend.

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