What is Compensated Dating?

Compensated dating could have several meanings, but one that comes to mind is when you go out with someone and they show you a good time by taking you out to dinner, movie and dancing and spend a few bucks on you that they expect to get something in return such as sex. Well not at rentafriend.com because at this friendship site there are friends to rent for an evening to go out with you to dinner, movie and dancing if you choose but you will not be compensated for anything. Rent a Friend means just that; renting a friend for friendship only, no touching of any kind allowed.

If you are looking to be compensated then find a different site to find a friend from. But if looking for a friend to have a good time with then you have come to the right website at www.rentafriend.com. There are many friends to choose from that are looking for the same thing; a friend to go to a sports game with or perhaps go fishing, boat riding, take in a movie, or go to a wedding. The friendship events that you can go on our endless, there are many reasons to hire a friend and they are not to get compensated for.

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