What Does Strictly Platonic Mean?

Strictly platonic means having friends that are just friends just like your best friend in school. If you are looking for just a friend go to www.rentafriend.com and you will find a friend that wants to be strictly platonic, meaning no sex whatsoever involved, just a friendly relationship to go places and have a good time rather it be dancing or going to a nightclub. Are you wondering if that is possible, yes it is?  At rentafriend.com it is because that is all you can get from this website is a friend.

Friends that want to have a good time and go places that you enjoy going to rather it be out to a party, wedding, library, zoo, park, dinner or a family outing. You can have a friend of the opposite sex without having a sexual relationship. There are many best friends that are female and males and actually they will probably get along better than two female friends or two male friends because in an opposite sex friendship you don’t feel like you have to be in competition with your friend. So if you are looking for a best friend or friends of the opposite sex for a strictly platonic relationship go to www.rentafriend.com.

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