Traveling to a new city and don’t know anyone there? Skip the tour guides!

Are you traveling to a new city? Perhaps you are going on vacation, or have a business meeting you need to travel to? or relocating or moving?

There could be many reasons why you are going to a new city and if you don’t know anyone there it could be a little overwhelming.  Most likely you are not familiar with the area, directions, or even how to use public transportation like hailing a taxi, riding the subway, or taking a train. is an excellent way to find someone local to show you around a new city. Imagine if you grew up on a farm and never have been to a large city before. It can be a very strange and scary experience to be in a large city. It can also be quite embarrassing to have to ask a stranger on the street on how to use the subway system. You can’t always hire a tour guide to show you around town. That’s when a friend-for-rent website like comes in very handy.

As a member of you have access to every friend available on It’s a very comforting feeling knowing that wherever you travel to you can pick up the phone and have a local friend. Someone to show you around town, to be your tour guide, be a driver, or someone to show you the best restaurants, shopping, and tourist attractions in town.

Hiring a tour guide is often very expensive and they have to follow protocols for their company they work for. Most often the company they work for is compensated to promote certain restaurants, tourist attractions, and businesses in the area. Their advice is biased, because they are told what to say. But with, get non-biased advice from locals who know the area. The best tour guide is someone who lives in the city. Plus friends at RentAFriend can accompany you to dinner, a movie, a club, or just someone to go with you to a museum.  Find Friends that you have things in common with, and who are from an area you are unfamiliar with. It’s 100% free to search your area. View local Friend’s photos and profiles right now for free at

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