Seat Fillers, Hire “Extra’s” and Room Fillers

Do you have an event coming up and need more people in attendance? Perhaps you are having a fashion show, or a business event. Having a party and need more people to show up? There can be many different reasons why you might need some extra people around to make your event bigger, and can help.

We are the largest “Hire a Friend” website on the net, and we can help you fill extra seats, or get more people to fill up a room to make the event seem more grand. No matter the occasion, we have seat fillers, extra’s and more to make your event really stand out.

From fashion shows, to club openings, we can fill up your event. No matter the age, gender, location or reason…RentAFriend can help. Never be short when it comes to filling up your party, event, or promotion. We are professional room fillers, and can stock your event with as many people as you need.

Visit to learn more, or contact Jessica{at} to learn more about how we can help fill up your event. You’ve spent countless hours getting ready to have an amazing event.  Now the big day is arriving and the fear is that there won’t be a large enough audience. Don’t let that happen to you. Preparation is the most important thing and we can help make sure you are completely prepared with a nice big audience.

Don’t be reactive, be proactive and make sure you are prepared. Hire room fillers.   Just like how there are seat fillers at award shows so that the audience always looks full, you can visit to hire Friends to come mingle at your event. is the largest Friends-for-hire website available and you can be confident that we can help you find the right audience (and fill up any room to make it seem more full). Visit our site at

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