Is Not Used For Dating

No, is not used for a dating website. There are plenty of other sites that are used for dating and other services but this is not one of them. is strictly just for friends. There is no physical contact between the members and friends. All of the profiles of Friends on the website are manually reviewed before being posted. Any profiles that mention anything besides just friendship is deleted.  If there are any messages offering more than just friendship they will be deleted as well.

But can be used for many other services; like a date for an important event, for example a friends wedding, a business event, a school reunion, the prom, or any other social event. Or maybe you’re traveling to a new city and need a friend to show you around, or a personal trainer or workout partner, or to find friends that you have things in common with or a friend to accompany you anywhere you might like to go. So if you are just looking for a friend only and nothing sexual, then is right for you.

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