Rent Parents or Hire Parents

Have you ever been in a situation when you needed your parents, but they couldn’t be there?  Or you need them but didn’t want them to know what circumstances were involved?  You would be surprised to know that there is an alternative.  At you can rent yourself a set of parents.

Most people take having their parents in their lives for granted, and when they need their parents, they are always miraculously there.  But what if you lived overseas and need to have your parents’ presence known for a specific reason? will provide you with a way to meet your needs.  For example, in some countries they like to meet your parents before hiring you for a good position in their company.  At you can rent parents to for this purpose.  Simply go to the website, pick out who you think will be good representatives of parents for you, and rent them.  Of course you will have to explain to your rental parents what their role is to be first, but there is no reason for your perspective employer to know that you’ve rented yourself parents rather than using your actual parents.

Here is another example of why you may want to rent a set of parents, a true story.  A college freshman had gotten into some trouble with his university.  Something about abusing dorm privileges.  To be able to maintain residency in the dorm, the school was requiring him to have a disciplinary meeting with his parents there.  The last thing he wanted was to be in trouble with his parents as well as his school.  So, he went to and rented himself some stand in parents for the occasion.  His rental parents played the role perfectly, expressing disappointment and embarrassment towards their “son’s” behavior, requesting the school allow him to remain in the dorm under probation.  The school agreed, never the wiser that the parents they met with were in fact rented through

Though you can never truly replace your natural parents, rest assured that if the need arises there is a means of renting stand-in parents through

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