Rent a Cyber Friend. (Cyber Pals are Pen Pals but use technology to speed things up)

Looking for an electronic friend or cyber friend? (The digital version of a Pen Pal.) I remember long before the days of internet and email, pen pals were the way to go to.

I had a pen pal growing up in shcool, but each correspondence took about a two weeks to arrive. Great idea, and great service to be able to make new pen pals and friends from around the world, but slow arrivals and replies made it drawn out and frustrating.

Then came the internet in the mid 90’s making it’s way into homes around the world. Now it’s possible to make new friends online from around the world and correspond with them instantly! No longer are they pen pals, they’re now known as electric pals, cyber pals, or email pals. All takes on the pen “pals” name. enters the picture. The World’s largest “Rent A Friend” website on the net with over 400,000 friends that you can physically rent.  (Not only are pen pal services available from the friends, but real life friends are also available to hire.)

Do you have an important event coming up and no one to go with? Then hire a platonic friend to go with you.  Want to go to the movies, or to a concert and no one to go with? Hire a buddy to join you? From real people to cyber pals, now all available in one place:

ABOUT RENTAFRIEND.COM: is the World’s Largest Rent a Friend Service! Started in 2009, allows you to hire platonic Friends from all over the world! Find local friends to show you around a new city or town, introduce you to new people, accompany you to dinner or the movies. Find people to teach you new languages, help you work out, attend a wedding or party with you and more. Thousands of local Friends available right now. 100% free Friend search. No Signup Necessary. Just enter your city to search: