Rent a wife or Rent a Husband

Do you work in an office where you are the only one who isn’t married?  Have you become fed up with listening to your coworkers stories about their husbands or wives?  That’s my office, but I made up a story that I was married so I wouldn’t have to deal with the pity looks that scream, poor thing; he’s all alone, let’s set him up.  I told my coworkers (I’ve only been with the company for six months) that I am married!

Problem is we have this big end of the year picnic that everyone brings their wives and husbands to.  So, to keep my cover from blowing up, I’m going to rent myself a wife for the day.  But all I want is someone to appear as my wife.  I don’t want to feel uncomfortable that I’ve hired someone and they think I expect anything physical from them.  That’s what is so great about  They have an extremely strict platonic only policy.  You go to the website to find individuals to rent, even a rented wife or rented husband!  But you absolutely can’t have any physical relationship with them.

Even still, I can go to and find a beautiful, smart, outgoing woman to hire as my wife for the day.  All we have to do is create the perfect cover story to feed to my nosy coworkers.  It actually sounds like a really fun challenge.  At the end of the picnic, everyone I work with will have met my lovely wife, and then my rented wife and I get to go our separate ways, no string attached, no pressure, and no stress.  Brilliant!

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