Rent A Prom Date

Is it time for that special Prom and you do not have a date because you waited to the last minute to decide you were going. The prom is something that you cannot attend alone but no problem, simply go to and enter the zip code for where you live. A list of friends will pop up for you to view. Once you find that friend that you would like to go to the prom with, you can join and become a member and then you may contact the friend of your choice and fill them in on the details of the evening.

You can inform them on what you are going to tell people at the prom; like how long you have known your friend and where you meet them. You can even ask them to wear a certain color. Then you can make plans as to where to meet and the plans for dinner before the prom and for any plans that may follow the prom such as a party at other friends home. At you can rent a friend as many times as you like and rent more than one at a time. allows you to make that prom a memory that will last a lifetime.

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