Rent a Pal – Friends available for rent!

Have you moved to a new area?  Perhaps you would like someone to show you around.  Maybe you travel for work, and are in a new city and don’t know anyone…

Enjoy trying out new restaurants or watching movies, but have now one to go with?  Then Rent a Pal at, the world’s largest rent-a-pal website on the net with over 400,000 Pal’s available right now!

Searching your area for a new Pal is 100% free. Just visit and enter your zip code to find pals available in your area for rent!

Why would someone want to rent a Pal?  All kinds of reasons. Hire a pal to show you around town, teach you a new skill, dance, hobby, language and more.  The possibilities are endless!

Also if you would like to become a Pal it’s 100% free to join and earn money by being a pal to someone!  It’s simple. To learn more about becoming a Pal visit:

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