Rent a man

Do you need to rent a man?  Well as long as it’s for platonic reasons then you have come to the right spot. is the world’s largest “Rent a friend” website with over 300,000 friends available for rent.  So do you need to rent a man for something: Perhaps you are moving and just need a strong guy to help you move to a new apartment?

Maybe you have an important even coming up, and you would like to rent a man to attend a business event, party or local social event.  Ladies, do you have a wedding coming up and no one to go with?  Then rent a man to go with you today!  (of course it’s for platonic purposes only!) Curious what platonic means?  Platonic means “just friends” so the man you hire for the evening will only be a friend!

Out of the 300,000 Friends available for rent, there are over 150,000 men for you to choose from!  It’s 100% free to search through all of the men at

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