Rent a Grandma or Grandpa

Since 2009, has been the largest online rent a grandma and rent a grandpa website. With almost half a million Friends available from around the world , it’s easy to find a grandma or grandpa in your area. What can your rented grandmother or grandfather do with you?  All kinds of fun things.

Most grandparents are in their late forties or early fifties, so they have a lot of life experience. The older the grandparents, the more stories that they can share. Would you like to learn about World War 2? Hire a grandma or grandpa to listen to first hand stories about how the war affected them. It’s one thing to read about history, but talking with someone who lived through it can be fascinating. Learn what their hobbies were at your age. Share with them things that are popular now.  You will find that many older grandparents aren’t familiar with the latest technology. Show them a smart phone, let them search the internet.

Most grandma’s know how to bake, and cook. How about some home baked cookies? There are grandma’s on that will be happy to cook with you.  Looking for a Grandpa to talk about sports?  There are Grandpa’s on the website that will happily tell you stories about famous old sports players they saw play. It can be such a wonderful experience to share time with a Grandparent. Available for rent at

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