Rent A Girlfriend

Are You Looking to Rent a Girlfriend?

Are your parents bugging you why you are still single and don’t have a girlfriend? Are your friends getting on your case about why you’re not in a relationship? Perhaps you just want someone to go out to the movies or dinner with? Or take a walk around the park. Or someone to give you real dating advice? Then we have the solution for you! is a platonic friendship website where you can hire a friend or girlfriend for the day.

You can really “Rent a Girlfriend” or “Hire a Girlfriend” ????

YES YOU CAN! RentAFriend has hundreds of thousands of female friends from all over the world available to hire. No matter the country you are in, we have platonic girlfriends available for hire! And getting started is very easy! Just visit to begin your search. 

Why Would You Want a Girlfriend For Hire?

There are so many reason why you would want to rent a girlfriend. Some of these include:

  • Do you need a date to a wedding or work event?

  • Want to impress your friends?

  • Want to get a female’s perspective on dating?

  • Want friendly advice on how to find a real girlfriend?

  • Want to practice talking to girls?

  • Need female advice?

  • The reasons are endless…

What Will the Girlfriend I Rent Do?

It’s always good to read the friends profiles on the website to see what type of activities they are interested in and the type of activities they provide. Many of the friends would be willing to be your platonic date for an event, someone you can bring shopping with. You can even go on pretend dates to get feedback on your dating and communication skills.

What Will My Girlfriend Look Like?

RentAFriend has hundreds of thousands of potential rental girlfriends. Visit our site and enter in your location and you can choose the exact friend you want. All of our Friends are at least 18 years old and up and include all nationalities and more so that you can choose the exact type of friend you are looking for.

You can search the Friends Too

Find the perfect friend to be your platonic girlfriend. You can search by:

  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Body type
  • Height
  • Eye color
  • Language
  • And more!

The most important part is that we have a huge selection of Friends available to hire from around the world so you can find the right Friend for you.

Will I Get the “Girlfriend Experience?”

Let’s be very clear. The Friends available for hire on RentAFriend are strictly for platonic friendship only. The Girlfriends for hire on are 100% platonic. They do NOT offer any physical services. No sex, no cuddling, no kissing, etc. All activities that take place must be platonic in nature.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Girlfriend?

The girlfriends available for hire on start at just $10 per hour, but many are negotiable or willing to waive their fee depending on the event, activity, etc.  For example, you will most likely have to pay the friend’s fee for them to attend a work event, wedding, party, etc with you. But if you have tickets to the hottest band, sporting event, or other unique event, many of the friends will consider reducing if not waiving their fee entirely.

Where Are The Girlfriends located?

Since 2009, we have been the leader in the “rent a friend” industry. After 11 years in business, we have friends available in every country around the world. Traveling to a different country and need a platonic date? No problem! We have platonic girlfriends available to hire no matter where you live or where you are traveling to. Going to a wedding in another state or country and need a date? We got you covered! Traveling for work and looking for a female friend to accompany you to dinner? No problem!

I Want to Hire a Girlfriend! How Do I Get Started?

Getting started searching for a girlfriend is quick, simple, and best of all, 100% free! Visit the website and start by searching your location. You can then scroll through all the results.  You can then view their profiles, read their description, view their photos and much more.  Once you find a friend you are interested in connecting with, you will need to join the site. Joining the site gives you instant access to contact any of the friends on the site anywhere in the world.

Once you become a member you can start contacting the friends to make plans immediately.  You can use as many times as you like and rent as many friends as you want from anywhere in the world.

It’s simple and best of all 100% free to browse all of our Friends on our website. RentAFriend was created back in 2009 as a way to find platonic friends in your area and we are celebrating 11 years offering platonic girlfriends, and much more!

Visit to start your free search now!

ABOUT RENTAFRIEND.COM: is the World’s Largest Rent a Friend Service! Started in 2009, allows you to hire platonic Friends from all over the world! Find local friends to show you around a new city or town, introduce you to new people, accompany you to dinner or the movies. Find people to teach you new languages, help you work out, attend a wedding or party with you and more. Thousands of local Friends available right now. 100% free Friend search. No Signup Necessary. Just enter your city to search: