Rent A Friend Agency is just what it says it is; A place where you can rent a friend for friendship only. This site has many sites all over the US.  As stated on the website, this is for friendly companionship only, no sex allowed. This site is for people looking for a friend to go to a party or out to a movie. There are many people who just need someone to talk to and get their advice on things. It can be hard talking to a family member or friends and you might be able to talk to a stranger better.

Perhaps you are retired and you want someone to spend the evening with; going out to dinner and dancing this is the perfect site for that.  Maybe you are going on a small trip and want a friend to go but all of your friends have to work; might just have that person who would love to take a vacation with you to the beach for a day of sun and fun.  Rent A Friend is all about finding a friend for friendship only; if you are looking for anything else you will need to find a different website to find a friend.

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