Rent a Daughter or Rent a Son

Call me unconventional, but I think this is a great plan.  My 19 year old daughter wants to have a kid because she thinks it could be a great thing.  I’ve told her, that yes having a son or a daughter can be amazing, when you are ready for it.  And I know my daughter is far from ready to raise her own son or daughter.  Especially when that little baby grows up to be a teenager!

So I’ve decide to rent someone to be her teenager for a week to see if she still thinks she is ready to be a parent.  On I can hire someone for this specific reason.  I know I’ll have to rent someone 18 or older, not much older than my daughter, but since I get to choose who to rent I can be sure they can act the age appropriate to my needs.  My teenage rented daughter or son can teach my own daughter want it’s really like to have another person depend on you.

I can instruct whomever I rent that I want them to show my daughter what it’s like to have to provide meals, transportation to school and other social events, oversee homework, console when they are hurt, and discipline when they misbehave.  My daughter is stubborn and disillusioned as to how much I put into taking care of her, that maybe if she has to take care of her own teenager she may change her mind.  What better way to have her experience this than renting her a son or daughter to look after for some time?

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