Rent a Bridesmaid or Rent Groomsmen

Da da dadum…I’m getting married!!!!  I am so excited, if you couldn’t tell.  But one huge problem, I’ve moved with my fiancé to his home town, on the other side of the country, away from all my friends and family.  Planning this wedding is proving to be really hard and I could use the help of the girls who would have been my bridesmaids back home.  In all the bridal magazines I’ve read, one of the biggest things I’ve noticed is that not only is it great to have a bridesmaid to help plan the wedding with, but also if you have energetic and fun bridesmaids and groomsmen at the party, who love to dance and have fun, well, your guests will be encouraged to join in on the festivities more.

I decided to rent myself the perfect bridesmaid.  I went to, searched the profiles, and found two girls to hire as my bridesmaids.  Their profiles say that they love to dance, party, mingle, and generally have a great time.  One of them also said she is very organized and assertive, which will come in handy in trying to make plans.  I didn’t want to hire a wedding planner, I wanted to hire a bridesmaid, someone whom I could become friends with and really enjoy this experience.  I wanted to hire someone who I knew that on my big day I’d be proud to have as a bridesmaid and a friend, not just a professional. has given me a way to meet and hire two great bridesmaids.  I’m tempted to rent a groomsman to infiltrate husband’s group of guys just to help get the party started!

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