Pay Per Date: The New Trend of Online Dating

You might have heard of Pay Per View…but have you heard of Pay Per Date?
It’s a brand new concept that is becoming very popular, and more importantly is leading the way.  Over the past few years I’ve seen some very “unique” websites pop up in the dating industry.

I’ve spoken briefly about some of the “unique dating sites” that I’ve come across. Society and relationships have changed dramatically over the past few years.  During the past 10 years it’s become very common now to socialize online. I’m sure you have heard of Facebook, but did you know that 1 out of 14 people in the world are now part of that website?  That’s amazing and it really shows how things have changed.

I have done hundreds if not thousands of interviews during the past year for and one of the most common questions I get asked from people is “why would people use, when 90% of society is already a member of a social networking website?” Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, are just a few examples.

I do have a few reasons why has gained in popularity, which I believe has helped spark a new trend: The Pay-Per-Date.

Remember, is not a dating website and not an escort website. But it is a wonderful website that will allow you to hire a platonic “date” for friendship reasons only. So why do people use rather than using a social networking website and asking one of their friends.

Unfortunately there is no main reason why people RentAFriend, other than because it’s convenient for what they are looking for. There are many reasons why people may hire a friend and just to explain a few of them and why they don’t want to ask one of their current friends. I believe that people want to rent friends not because they are lonely, but because they have a reason where their current friends don’t fit the bill.

With dating websites pushing the envelope now a days, I thought it was important to start a service that is opposite of a dating website. A “rent a friend” type service where people don’t want to date, yet they want to socialize offline. I’d almost like to think of as an “offline version of Facebook”. A website that allows you to get away from the computer and socialize with real-brick-and-mortar Friends. The kind you can meet in public and have a good time with without dating, or hiring an escort.

Humans are social creatures. If you leave the house during the day, there is a 99% chance you are going to be around other people. Depending on where you live and what type of community you live in, most people go about their day minding their own business. There are cordial smiles, and daily pleasantries exchanged, but socializing with a stranger is not the norm.  I created to help offline social networking that is easy, straight forward and convenient. allows you to meet new people from the comfort of your own home without the awkwardness of a face to face introduction. Using email or a phone is a great way to break the ice, without the fear of face to face rejection.

Plus I think is a great way for people to earn a little money while meeting new people. Friends on keep 100% of the money they make. does not take any money from the Friend. There are many people in the US who like socializing, and like making money…but there wasn’t ever a service that really combined the two. I visioned a service where people could get paid to go on a “friendship date” without the hassles of dating websites.

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