I Need To Hire A Party Escort

Do you have a big company party coming up and you do not want to alone, but all your friends already have a date or are busy doing something else? Well there is a website where you can go and rent a friend that will be glad to be your escort to the party. The website is www.rentafriend.com ; once you become a member you can choose a friend that can be your escort to the party. You can email the friend you choose and perhaps they will give you their number and you can fill them in on the party and what you would like for them to wear.

Rentafriend.com has many friends for you to choose from and once you become a member you can use the site as many times as you want. There is no limit as to how many friends you can rent. Hiring a party escort is not the only thing this website is for; you may also hire or rent friends just to talk to or go to the movies or out to eat with you. Basically anything you and a friend would do together the friends at rentafriend.com will do.

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