Hire or Rent a Wingman or Wingwoman

Are you trying to find a girlfriend or boyfriend and are not sure if you can pick out the right person for yourself. Rent a wingman or wing woman to help you with that decision. Go to www.rentafriend.com and rent a friend of the opposite sex. Then you can go to a club and the friend you rented can help you to choose the friend that you might want to date.

For example if you are a male and have rented a female as a wing woman to help you scout for a potential girlfriend; she could give her opinion on girls you are interested in and if you and your friend from rentafriend.com are enjoying each other’s company and having a good time all the other woman there that are looking for a friend will see how well you get along with females.

Renting a friend to be your wing woman and help you to scout for a potential girlfriend is a good ideal because having one of your female friends come along might not get you any results and they might not give you and honest opinion as a friend from rentafriend.com would.

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