Hire a caregiver or friend to help a disabled person

I’ve received a ton of emails over the past year from people wanting to thank me for RentAFriend.com. I have to admit I was taken back the first few times when people asked if they could use the website for hiring someone to help with elderly or disabled people.

You see, when I opened the website I never even thought about, but immediately started getting email requests. I thought it was such an amazing idea that I actually made it one of the categories when becoming a member of RentAFriend.com

Hiring a professional caregiver can be very expensive. But there are times when you need a professional caregiver, and other times when you just want a friendly person to spend time with a disabled or elderly individual.  A good alternative to non-professional caregivers (also known as respite caregivers) are Friends…  where can you find a caregiver friend to help with the elderly or disabled?  Check out RentAFriend.com , which is the world’s largest “rent a friend” service. It’s 100% free to search for available friends.

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