Get Paid to Take Online Surveys

Make Money

Earn some extra money from the comfort of your own home. Below
are some sites we recommend that can help you earn income by taking surveys online. All are free to join. For maximum earning potential, signup for all of them!
United States: Survey Junkie, Branded Surveys, Clearvoice Surveys
Australia: Life Points, Rewardia, Opinion World
Canada: Branded Surveys, Pinecone Surveys, Ipsos Surveys
France: Life Points
Germany: Life Points, Pinecone Surveys
Hong Kong: Opinion World
India: Coming Soon
Indonesia: Life Points
Italy: Life Points
Japan: Ipsos Rewards, Opinion World
Malaysia: Life Points
New Zealand: Rewardia,
Opinion World, Valued Opinions
Life Points
South Africa: Life Points
Spain: Life Points
Sweden: Zen Surveys
Thailand: Life Points
United Kingdom: Branded Surveys, Life Points,
Pinecone Surveys

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