Friends With Benefits

What are “Friends with Benefits”? Answer: Something you will NOT find on so don’t even think of asking!

The definition of “Friends with Benefits” is when two people come up with an arrangement of exchanging sexual favors with one another in a mutually arranged situation in which there is no committed relationship.

Listen, there are thousands of websites on the internet for you to find “Friend’s with Benefits”, Sexual Escorts, F*ck Buddies, Hookers, and Prostitutes that will cater to any or all of your perverted fantasies.

You can even find Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy websites online.
A Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship is also a form of “Friends With Benefits” in which (normally) an older person compensates a younger person (over 18 years old!) for their time. This arrangement normally is when an older person pays money, pays for rent, pays for clothing, vacations, etc in exchange for sexual favors.

AND I have no problems with those kind of sites! You heard me right. I have no problems with any of the sites online that promise more than just friends. In fact, I’ll be happy to suggest some of the sites where you might get lucky.

You may be thinking why I would tell you about the other sites to find “Friends with Benefits”??? Because if that’s what you are looking for, then is NOT the website for you. will only allow you to find platonic non-physical friends and nothing more!

So if you are looking for something more that just Friendship, then have a look at these sites below:

For example:
If you are interested in having an affair:

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