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We often get emails from people asking “Can I hire someone to take photos with me?” and our answers is, YES, absolutely!  Friends on the website do this all of the time and would be happy to help. There may be many reasons why you would want to hire someone to take pictures and selfies with you out and about in public, bars, theme parks, concerts, sporting events and much more. Here are just a few reasons on how we can help you get custom photos taken with new Friends:

  • Looking to make your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend jealous? No problem! We have Friends from all over the world who would be willing to pose with you for your social media accounts.
  • Looking to fill up your social media with pictures with you and a bunch of Friends for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and more? We got you covered!
  • Want to fill up your Instagram account with photos of you and other people having fun?
  • Want to take photos with pretty girls or good looking guys to share on your Social Media Accounts?
  • Looking to get photos taken with you and other people for your dating site profile?

Look no further! is the solution for you. With over half a million Friends for hire from around the world, we have Friends near you who would be happy to take photos with you.

You can search through our website 100% for free and view profiles and photos of Friends who are available for hire. Once you find someone you think would be a good match, you can join our site and contact the Friends directly to setup a good time that you can take photos together. To get started, just visit our website, enter your location and you will instantly see the Friends available near you.

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