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Who would have ever thought that we would be living in a world of global quarantine? This coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the entire world faces their daily activities. Fears of staying healthy are on everyone’s minds. Making sure that we have enough basic necessities and jobs to return to are also concerns. For some, one of the biggest challenges is living in a time that doesn’t allow for daily interaction with other people. These missing interactions between family members, friends, or even strangers in a public space are leaving many feeling lost.

Here at RentAFriend.com we understand this clearly. We worry about the state of our health, the market, and making sure we have what we need to survive. But we also deeply understand the need for human connections. While you may not be using our services to meet someone in person for the time being, there are still plenty of ways that RentAFriend.com can be a link for you to other people. When you come to our website you can find people with similar interests that are in the same position as you are as well. People who can help you reclaim some normalcy, if you just re-tune what that normalcy is.

RentAFriend is a great way to find new people to connect with digitally for the time being. We have thousands of Friends who would love to text or chat. RentAFriend.com is also a great way to meet someone to have FaceTime or Zoom chats with. Think of all the new people you could meet and interact with. Eventually the social distancing regulations will lift and you can even meet up in person.

There are so many ways that these activities can be used. If you are a student struggling with work, you can meet someone to help you better understand lessons. If you like to play video games, you can meet someone to jointly play with. You can start a book club to discuss favorite pieces of literature. You can even start a club to chat about whatever movies or shows you are binge watching to get through this time. Maybe you want to learn a new hobby like knitting or playing an instrument. Maybe you just need someone to vent your frustrations about the world too! There are Friends on RentAFriend.com that can help you get started, all without having to leave your home.

What is important to know is that we understand how frustrating and confusing the state of the world is for everyone right now. But, with RentAFriend.com you can find a way to ease some of these feelings with a platonic companion. Search for free at https://RentAFriend.com

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