I can rent a friend??? What the hell is RentAFriend.com?


There are thousands of reasons why you might want to rent a friend and we can help! RentAFriend.com is the world’s largest platonic friends for rent.

What does platonic mean?
Basically platonic means “Just friends” and nothing more. A platonic friend is a companion who is strictly just a friend, with no physical relationship.

Why are people renting friends?
For all kinds of reasons. Tour guides, dinner companions, someone to introduce you to new people, keep you company, give you advice, teach you a new language, and many many more reasons.

How can you rent a friend?
It’s easy, just visit http://www.RentAFriend.com and enter your zip code or postal code (if you live in the United States or Canada) or if you are outside of the US or Canada you can visit the worldwide RentAFriend page at http://www.RentAFriend.com/worldwide