Rent A Girlfriend

Are you away at school and you have been telling your family that you have a girlfriend? And they are coming to visit you and meet your new girlfriend. What are you going to do?  Contact Rent a it is a friendship site where you can hire a friend or girlfriend for the evening or however long you will need a friend. Just get on a computer and go to and enter the zip code where you live; it will give you a choice to select male, female or both.

Make your selection and you can then view all the friends available in your area and if you see someone you like all you do is pay a small fee to become a member and then you can email the person you choose. You can use as many times as you like and when your family comes to visit you will have that girlfriend you have been telling them about. And you can rent a friend for other events as well or rent the same friend when your family says they are coming to town again or rent a new girlfriend each time they are coming and tell them you do not have a steady that you have lots of friends.

Search your zip code here or click to rent a girlfriend

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